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Windows SQL Server 2005

If your applications were developed to use Microsoft's SQL Server and require a MS SQL database to run, Avantex offers the full line of dedicated SQL Servers with the required Microsoft licenses.

A virtual server implementation represents only a fraction of the cost of a dedicated Windows application server, however, keep in mind that when it comes to SQL Server it's always better to order a dedicated Windows server.

Your specific needs and a good understanding of your overall application integration must be analyzed carefully by one of Avantex's qualified Microsoft engineers before we can provide you with any detailed quote.

Pricing and server availability on any dedicated MS SQL Server or on any dedicated Windows application server is available only upon request. Please contact Avantex for more information and one of our qualified sales representatives will answer you shortly.

And there's more:- All Avantex Windows Web hosting plans listed on this website also include full customer and technical support via email or our toll free 1-800 phone lines from anywhere in North America. At Avantex, there is always someone to assist you when you need it.

Avantex is also a full-range Internet domain name registrar. Please click here to register your Web domain name.

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Avantex deals mainly with the largest IT firms in the hosting industry.

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