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Avantex Offers the Best Technical Support in the Industry

Ever since we started hosting a non-profit website for an organization back in 1993, and that we've soon realized how difficult it was back then to get knowledgeable and rapid tech support for a site's hosting needs, we decided to do something concrete about it.

After all, the Internet had barely started back then but we were convinced we could make it easier for people to get their site online. At that time, we simply couldn't find a really good and knowledgeable hosting company that could help us with our project, so we decided to take things in our own hands.

That is literally how we got into the business of Web hosting! Avantex prides itself as a premier Web hosting organization. Our experienced team of data center professionals are hard at work, ensuring you the fastest and the best technical support there is.

Whether your website runs on the reliable Linux operating system or utilizes Windows, our experienced technical support staff has the experience and the skills to rapidly put your site back online, with the least amount of worry or downtime to your organization.

Our average response time to a trouble ticket is less than 3 minutes. The average time in the industry is more than three hours!

From the moment we receive your support ticket, one of our professionals immediately goes to work on it and every step of the work is recorded by our automated tech support response system, especially designed for the smoothest and fastest service there is.

Additionally, since our trouble ticket system is done all in writing, both you as a client and Avantex has a copy of all communications since a problem started. It's the most efficient system there is.

Additionally, if you need specific hosting help, or if you have a question about Linux or Windows or if your query is related to networking issues, we strongly suggest that you visit our free Web hosting tech support forum. It will offer you step-by-step online help in just about avery aspect related to hosting.

Avantex deals mainly with the largest IT firms in the hosting industry.

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