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Avantex's Modern Data Centers

Committed to the success and the reliable operation of its customer's Internet applications, Avantex has invested massively in the design and construction of its modern data centers.

Strategically located in some of the largest cities in North America, Avantex's network infrastructure integrates the latest in high technology equipment, server colocation facilities, data routers, Linux servers, Microsoft Windows servers, Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), industrial diesel power generators, etc.

All our data centers are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by experienced technical personnel, both in the Linux and Windows operating system. All our user's servers, Web sites, eCommerce sites and B2B portals always operate at peak efficiency at all times.

Additionally, our modern data centers incorporate full fire protection, are completely air-conditioned and supervized by security personnel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All Avantex data centers include redundant Internet backbone connections, through multiple OC-3, OC-48 and OC-192 data pipes, as well as Gig-E data connections, providing the best hosting services.

Avantex can provide the highest Internet bandwidth in the industry, thanks to our four Tier-1 backbone providers: Level 3 Communications, TeleGlobe Canada, Peer 1 and Videotron. Avantex's state-of-the-art data centers feature raised floors with downdraft forced-air cooling and redundant FE-25 gas fire suppression systems. When you install your server (s) in our colocation center, you will sleep weel at night, knowing that our experienced staff is looking after your best interests.

All our data centers boast industrial-grade diesel generators, complete with automated UPS's (Uninterruptible Power Supplies). Our modern hosting installations dramatically increase the level of network redundancy that Avantex can offer our corporate clients, by adding additional fiber optic connections to our existing infrastructure.

Each of our data centers are capable of supporting thousands of servers running the Linux as well as Microsoft's Windows operating system.

No expense has been spared to make our data centers the best, most dependable and reliable infrastructure there is. At the forefront of technology, Avantex Hosting is the envy of its industry. At the leading-edge of innovation, Avantex has one of the highest R&D investment ratio to its revenues in the Web hosting industry anywhere in the world.

View some of our installations here

  • State-of-the-art server colocation facility
  • Security is always our top priority
  • Dedicated server rooms
  • Abundant backup power
  • Data center features

  • Automated diesel-powered generators
  • Multiple points of entry for fiber, electricity and generators
  • Full connectivity with n+3 redundancy
  • Fiber optic links limited at only 30% of capacity
  • 100 Mbps connections from our servers to your website
  • Gig-E connections from our routers to the Internet
  • Instant scalability and reliability, 24/7
  • Full physical security with 24/7 armed guards
  • Data center protected with double-action man traps
  • 24/7 secured access w-key swipe entry
  • All security systems monitored with live internal cameras
  • Fully redundant OC-192 fiber optic connections with 4 main backbone providers
  • Fully automatic instant-on dry-pipe fire protection systems
  • Full 19 in. and 23 in. seismically braced server racks
  • Only Category 5 and Category 6 cable wiring throughout
  • When you entrust your Internet traffic and data to Avantex, you are placing it with a company that has no debt, a solid financial background, a company with solid management that has the resources, the experience and the scalability required in this rapidly growing industry.

    Avantex deals mainly with the largest IT firms in the hosting industry.

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