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Our Plesk server remote control panel

The award-winning Plesk "Reloaded" Control Panel represents one of the best server control panel there is today, and is used by more and more website owners, programmers, content providers and webmasters to efficiently manage their Linux or Windows hosting plans and their servers from a distance.

Formerly offered by SW-Soft, the company has now changed its name to Parallels and the software is now called Parallels-Plesk. At Avantex Hosting, we've been successfully using and offering Plesk to our clients since March 2001.

Test drive the Plesk control panel for free!
As with anything else, trying it is believing it. Test-drive our Plesk control panel for free, and for as long as you wish. Simply click here to access the Plesk login page. At the User ID, type client. For the password, simply type plesk. Spend as much time with the demo as you wish! If you have any questions, just email us and a tech support rep will be happy to assist you. (If you are using Internet Explorer version 7 or higher and you are getting an error message, don't worry this is entirely normal. Just proceed with the free demo).

Avantex is one of the few Web hosting company in North America to offer the award-winning Plesk control panel on the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Server 2008 platform. Once you have tried Plesk, either on Windows or the Linux operating system, you will never want to use anything else.

Here are just some of the most often-used features on Plesk:

"Business customers today need useful tools that will help them grow their sales, while at the same time boost their market share."

Source: Gartner.

  • Rapidly create or modify e-mail addresses
  • Create or change e-mail alliasses
  • Create and edit e-mail auto responders on-the-fly
  • Efficient spam filter management
  • Easily manage email white and black lists to reduce spam
  • Manage the Dr Web anti-virus filter
  • Build, manage, edit and modify MySQL databases
  • Import, export or backup MySQL data tables
  • Create and manage new FTP accounts
  • Change e-mail, Plesk and FTP passwords
  • View daily site statistics and monitor Internet traffic
  • Analyze and manage your Internet bandwidth consumption
  • Offer users more flexibility and manageability
  • Plus a whole lot more...
  • Plesk is a popular server remote control panel and it features Spam Assassin, a powerful e-mail spam filter and killer. Plesk also features the very popular Dr Web anti-virus software. Both Spam Assassin and Dr Web are automatically updated by our servers once to twice a day with the latest rules and security information on today's current spam methods used by spammers across the globe.

    Plesk is an efficient control panel for virtual servers, shared servers, colocation servers as well as Linux dedicated servers and Windows dedicated servers. It's also the best control panel for single individual hosting accounts.

    When companies need to access their servers for adding, deleting, modifying, or making any kind of changes to their websites, they need a fast and dependable solution. Plesk delivers all that, plus a whole lot more. What makes the Plesk control panel so powerful is its simple point-and-click user interface. If you know how to use a mouse, you will know how to use the Plesk Control Panel.

    Additionally, Parallels constantly updates Plesk and continues to offer extended features like automated server control, server virtualization technology, third-party complementary software and expanded administration features that will not only save you a lot of time, but will also simplify your life at the same time.

    Avantex deals mainly with the largest IT firms in the hosting industry.

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