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Our Linux Individual Web Hosting Plans

Avantex is your number one choice for dependable Linux Web hosting for any business website, e-commerce storefront or B2B transactional portal. Renowned for its proven reliability and stability, Centos' Linux operating system runs the most critical business applications. Bookmark this website by clicking here.

       eMail Only Hosting:
          4 packages are available

       Bronze Web Hosting:
          Only $ 5.95* a month

       Silver Web Hosting:
          Only $ 7.95* a month

       Gold Web Hosting:
          Only $ 13.95* a month

       Platinum Web Hosting:
          Only $ 19.95* a month

       Large Business Web Hosting:
          Only $ 29.95* a month

         e-Commerce Web hosting plans

       Silver e-Commerce™ Web Hosting:
          Only $ 24.95* a month

       Gold e-Commerce™ Web Hosting:
          Only $ 34.95* a month

       Platinum e-Commerce™ Web Hosting:
          Only $ 44.95* a month

* (All prices are in US currency and are based on an annual plan, paid 12 months in advance. See individual plans for details.)

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Avantex deals mainly with the largest IT firms in the hosting industry.

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