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Why do you need a dedicated server? What are the advantages?

A dedicated server is a single Web server within a network or subnet of computers, dedicated solely to one customer, often a large business or a busy eCommerce website. A dedicated server better meets the needs of a large business for several reasons. The client can customize the hardware setup as well as the software to meet very specific needs. Also, data access is faster and high traffic is easily accommodated. A dedicated server usually also offers better security. And you also get full and complete root access-- often a true necessity when it comes to installing specialized software or server-side scripts.

Today, dedicated servers normally come with improved customer service from the hosting company. The host will work with the client to make sure the dedicated server is meeting all of the needs of the client. Another advantage of a dedicated server is that the client can easily create several domains on that server. In the case of a company that has multiple divisions or a chain of retail outlets, this becomes much more cost-effective and efficient than each individual division or retail outlet renting host space on a different server, and probably at the other end of the city, if not in a different country altogether.

The advantages of having a number of websites located on the same dedicated server is that it usually costs less per site, it's easier to manage and more secure, along with other advantages that usually outweigh individual hosting accounts.

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