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Our Data Center Security Standards

All of Avantex's data centers, server collocation facilities and NOC (network operations center) are always manned by security guards at all times, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It's impossible to even enter a specific colo area without a mandatory security card and the proper clearance. And once inside, it's impossible to get out as well without all the necessary pass cards again.

Without any exception, anybody that enters or exits our facilities is fully recorded in our central computer system, thanks to 'intelligent' magnetic ID cards.

The name of the person, his or her photo, whether it's an Avantex employee or not, supplier or customer, the name of his or her company and the date & time the card was accessed is also recorded and maintained in our database for a period of no less than five years.

Today, a modern data center or for that matter a server colocation facility is only as useful as its inherent security.

When you're hosting over 3,500 servers in one single facility alone, there are many things that can go wrong if physical access isn't adequately secure.

At Avantex Hosting, management strongly believes that modern security devices, combined with close monitoring systems and very tight control mechanisms on who has access to the data center, the colocation facilities and our NOC isn't a luxury but an outright critical necessity.

Every square foot of our premises is protected with closed-circuit TV cameras everywhere.

Every movement on any floor and all video data is recorded and backed up everyday on high-capacity video tapes that are replaced every two hours by our security guards.

Most of our data centers are Class 'A' carrier grade and others feature the stringent SAS-70 certification so we do take security concerns very seriously and in a very proactive way.

We operate under the notion that everyone inside a data center should have a reason to be there in the first place. We never assume someone is trustworthy just because they have gained access to one of our DC. To solve the problem of rogue employees, IT vendors and others passing through our data centers, we refer to our stringent internal policies and constantly modify them when and if necessary.

Overall, the security of any data center is a continually evolving process. Every time a new technology is introduced, a new vulnerability appears that needs to be addressed. That is why Avantex Hosting occasionally brings in third-party auditors and security consultants.

Companies that outsource data center operations should consider sending auditors to the third-party company in question. Get somebody that has physical security and technical security experience.

Additionally, you should never underestimate the importance of adequate fire protection. Some data centers and collocation facilities feature dry pipe and triple interlock fire suppression systems. The actual description of Dry Pipe is somewhat misleading, however.

Should a fire ever occur, those dry-pipes fill with water and proceed to dump all of that onto your server racks, firewalls, routers and switches.

Worse, all of the data center equipment that is intended to support your racks such as UPSs and other specialized power equipment can also be affected in a very negative way as well.

Avantex deals mainly with the largest IT firms in the hosting industry.

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