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Avantex's Carrier-Grade Backbone Network

Since 1994 when Avantex was originally founded, we have built a fully-switched Internet backbone network using only the highest-quality hardware, servers, routers, switches, and most importantly, Tier 1 network providers. Each of Avantex data centers' connect to our world-class network, for the most intensive-use of Internet bandwidth.

In all our data centers, Avantex's internal network uses 100 percent Cisco networking routers, switches and related equipment. Every Linux or Windows server on our internal network has a switched 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet connection to all our Cisco switching equipment, assuring all our customers of the fastest Internet connections in the Web hosting industry.

Avantex's North American Network
From all of our data centers listed below, our switches connect to our Tier 1 providers' core network via multiple 100Mbps Fast Ethernet links (using HSRP), for the best server load balancing and redundancy. Avantex has the following carrier backbone connectivity:

Our philosophy
As a profitable, privately-held business, we're under no pressure to produce short-term results. Avantex has no debts and is managed by its original founders. Instead, we believe that steady growth, based on sound fundamentals will enable us to keep the focus on our customers and to continously increase the value of our quality services. Since inception, our strategy has always been to operate using only a handful of full-time employees, entirely focused on doing the most important things really well, and on reacting quickly to changing customer needs. The feedback we've received over the years indicates our customers appreciate our approach.

Our ultimate goal remains to provide dependable Web hosting, either using the trusted Linux operating system, or the Windows Server 2003 platform, while still delivering these professional services at the lowest cost possible.

Avantex deals mainly with the largest IT firms in the hosting industry.

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