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Avantex's 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Avantex is 100% certain that you will be very happy with any web hosting package* you will chose from us. We know that we carry the most competitive prices, the best hosting services and our plans represent truly the best value in professional web hosting services.

All of Avantex hosting plans also feature the best technical support available in the Web hosting industry.

For all these reasons, we offer a full 30 day money-back guarantee* once your website (s) is (are) hosted by Avantex. If, for a reason that is totally dependant on Avantex, you are not totally convinced that our service is the best and truly represent the best value in corporate web hosting services today, just write us a detailed email with the reason (s) explaining your concern and if it is an issue involving the quality, or the reliability of our hosting service, we will completely refund you the money you have paid us.

All refund requests need to be sent to us by email before expiration of the 30-day trial period. The 30-day trial period includes weekends and holidays, so it is 30 (thirty) days from the calendar.

Note that there are very few companies that can make you such an offer. Most other web hosting companies will charge you an installation, dis-installation or administration fee to terminate your contract. Not at Avantex. If you are not totally satisfied and if you feel that our services do not meet your expectations*, we will gladly refund you the money you have paid us.

Refund cheques are mailed out one week following the day a request is received at our offices.

* Note: Our 30-day money-back guarantee only applies to regular web hosting packages. Due to the much higher levels of complexity and setup time on any e-commerce or reseller web hosting package, our 30-day money-back guarantee is not available on any of those plans.

* Our 30-day guarantee does not cover issues with your website design, pages that have not properly been programmed, lack of your own programming experience, your lack of knowledge, your inability or inexperience in the correct way to build or setup a website, your lack of knowledge on the correct way to upload files via FTP (File Transfer Protocol), etc., since these are always the responsability of site owners, site administrators or their webmasters.

* Our 30-day guarantee does not cover acts of War, acts of terrorism, floodings, fire, vandalism or any acts of God.

Avantex deals mainly with the largest IT firms in the hosting industry.

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